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Person-Centered Planning





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Program Description

The Person-Centered Planning program was designed to  empower those with disabilities to have an active role in planning their services. With Person-Centered Planning the most important aspect is who the plan is for and what is important to that person. We can bill directly for both CDCS and Traditional wavier recipients, as well as accommodate self-pay participants.


The Person-Centered Planning service is broken up into 3 sections:

Discovery: The facilitator will gather information from the participant, support people, caregivers, and caseworker. 

Planning session(s): The facilitator will meet with participant and their support circle. They will come up with a plan that not only supports the participant but also puts their needs and wants first. Person-Centered Planning sessions look at the whole person including, but not limited to: the person's abilities, skills, interests, personal style, family, values, goals, and careers

Summary: The facilitator will send a written summary of the plan to the participant and their support circle.

Program Description PCP

Cost and Registration

To ask about scheduling or get more information, fill out our online Intake Form.

Participation in the program can be billed to you directly or to your waiver through CDCS or Traditional (Family Training and Counseling, S5110). For non-waiver participants, payment plans are available.

Typically, the full person-centered planning process takes between 12-20 hours (24-80 units) at a rate of $100 an hour ($25.00 per unit). This includes all of the components described in the program description.

Cost and Registration PCP
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Times and Locations

Person-Centered Planning sessions are held at the location of client's choosing. This could be at their home or a place in the community that is comfortable for them.

Sessions are scheduled at times that work best for the client and their support people. Clients work directly with the facilitator to coordinate the schedules of everyone involved.

For more detailed information please fill out the Intake Form. 

Times and Locations PCP
Planning Facilitator

Planning Facilitator

Our Person-Centered Planning facilitator is Cael Bertrand. Cael has over 15 years of experience working with people with disabilities. He also has a daughter with disabilities. His passion is helping people with disabilities find meaning in their lives based on what is important to them. Person centeredness is vital to him and he ensures that the client is the primary driver of their plan, supported by those around them.

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