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Sarah Biddlecome, Executive Director

Sarah has professional experience in human services, working directly in client services and administration. She also has held business and finance positions in major corporations. Sarah has been a Certified Support Planner for eight years. She received her Bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of Minnesota. She has also completed graduate coursework in Instructional Design and Technology at the University of North Dakota. Sarah has a disability and previously was on the Consumer Support Grant. She has two daughters and a sister that are disabled. One of her daughters and her sister are on the Consumer Directed Community Supports Program. She currently homeschools her daughters and co-administers a Facebook group, Minnesota Accessible Home Education.

Misha Liang, Director of Operations & Compliance

Misha has professional experience in education, ensuring adherence to school policies and procedures. She has training in state and federal privacy laws and standards.  Misha was a Certified Support Planner and received her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Minnesota. She has also completed graduate coursework in Educational Policy and Administration at the University of Minnesota. Misha is the agency HIPAA Compliance Officer and a cofounder of MNDSA. She has three children and a spouse with disabilities. She homeschooled her children and now co-administers Minnesota Accessible Home Education.

Kayla Bertrand, Director of Finance

Kayla has been active in the special needs community for five years. She has been working with families who are starting their special needs journey for four years. She is also a volunteer for an organization that connects families of children with special needs and who need help navigating the system. Kayla has been a Certified Support Planner for two years. She has a daughter who has been on the Consumer Directed Community Supports Program for four years. Her daughter has complex medical and behavioral needs.  

Cole Sorensen, Self-Advocacy Training and Support Program Director 

Cole has experience in education and direct support, working with families, professionals, and young people. He is also a public speaker, lecturer, and consultant. His work focuses on promoting autonomy, self-determination, communication access, and dignity of risk for young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Cole holds a degree in Foundations of Special Education from the University of Minnesota. He identifies proudly as disabled and is on the Consumer Directed Community Supports Program. 


Jules Edwards, Chair and Treasurer

Sharnyetta Phipps, Vice-Chair

Milena Bates, Secretary

Jess Wilson, Member at Large

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