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Support Planning

If you are interested in our support planning services, fill out our online Intake Form.

A support planner assists Medicaid Waiver recipients in creating a person-centered community support plan to receive services through the Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) program. 

In addition to writing the plan, a support planner can:​

  • Provide information on and assist in selecting a Fiscal Management Service

  • Find services and supports

  • Make arrangements for obtaining services and supports

  • Help solve problems that may occur

  • Help monitor the community support plan

Support planners must abide by the support planner service standards.

Our staff have over 20 years of experience working with disabled individuals and their families. All of us either qualify as disabled ourselves or have a family member with a disability. This combination of professional and personal experience ensures that all of our services are provided with a unique perspective.

We work with ALL Minnesota counties, utilizing video or teleconferencing to reach rural areas that have little or no access to support planners.

We believe that it is important for EVERYONE to have access to high quality support planning. 


All of the services are billed through your Fiscal Management Service as part of your Community Support Plan. We will only provide services as identified in a work agreement that you approve. 

To access our rates, along with other support planning forms and documents, click HERE.

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