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Home Education

Types of Home Education

  • Home Education: any type of education conducted at home.

  • Online/Hybrid schools: typically a public charter school that functions under public education rules and requirements. This means testing and curriculum follows traditional public school timelines, although may be adjusted to the specific charter school focus.

  • Homebound: Enrollment in a brick and mortar public school, but for medical reasons is unable to attend. The district usually provides a certain number of instruction hours at home, by a teacher or tutor. This also means that testing and curriculum align with the traditional school timelines and follow that specific district rules.

  • Homeschooling: Falls under specific legal statues and does not follow any district or traditional state school guidelines. To be legally homeschooling, a letter of intent is required to be submitted and annual testing through a nationally normed test. Proof of testing is only to be kept on record, as well as any documentation of subjects taught. No requirement to follow traditional school testing, curriculum, or learning timelines.


Every child can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way

George Evans

MNDSA supports the use of home education as an equal form of learning for children with disabilities.

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